Want to be featured on 21 hip hop sites for free??

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to feature an artist on 21 different hip hop sites and we are giving anyone a chance to win the opportunity for absolutely nothing.

If you’re an artist who wants their Music, Video’s, Instrumentals, Mashups, or even write ups featured for free, here’s how you enter to win:

1. Click the Logo above which will direct you to our facebook page or just click this link

2. Once you visit our facebook page, make sure to ‘LIKE’ the page

3. After you hit ‘LIKE’ then please post on our page what you’d like to be featured on 21 hip hop sites whether it being your latest single, music video, instrumental, or anything hip hop related. (Please make sure there is a description about you somewhere so we can do a write up about you)

4. We will then be going through all the content and selecting which we like the best.

5. After we pick a winner, we will contact you letting you know.

If we didn’t pick you as our winner but like your submission, we will post it on our site at

*Please… Only submit your submissions to our facebook page!! Do not submit to us via tumblr as you will not be counted. Also, make sure to “Like” our facebook page to be eligible.

*Contest ends on Sunday at 10AM pacific time.

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remember, everything is free so take advantage of this opportunity and like our facebook page and submit your content. It’s that easy!!!